Born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1993 and raised in Central New Jersey, Subconscious has made an audible impact through his raw, unfiltered lyrics that lead listeners through a journey of self-reflection and realism. He started releasing music in 2010 under the moniker Friendly Neighborhood White Boy (F.N.W.B.), heavily influenced by the opioid epidemic and struggles with addiction that have torn through his close circle of family and friends. His body of work spans across a decade of releases, Cul-de-sac Chronicles (2010), Freestyle Sessions (2011), The Road Less Traveled (2011), Cul-de-sac Chronicles Vol. 2 (2012), Cul-de-sac Chronicles Vol. 3 (2013), Borrowed Time (2014), Good Fortune (2016) and the debut Subconscious EP, Annie (2018). The multifaceted artist has held a variety of 9-5 roles across media, entertainment and technology to self-fund his music projects. He’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild and built up video production chops working on creative projects with RCA Records, Universal Music Group, Beats by Dre, Apple Music, VH1 and more. Subconscious is currently based in Oakland, California.